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Why Hire A Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The decision of whether or not to file bankruptcy should not be taken lightly. Individuals who are struggling with debt should learn all they can about the bankruptcy process, and how bankruptcy will affect their lives in the future. At Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm we help clients find Fl Bankruptcy Lawyers that will assist them in making informed decisions about their financial situations. Contact our Law Firm in Florida website today and we'll connect you with an office in your area to learn about your legal options for seeking debt relief. Why Hire a Fl Bankruptcy Lawyer? There are many debt-relief options in Miami - Dade County, Palm Beach County, Broward County and the surrounding areas that don't offer the same protections as bankruptcy. Debt relief agencies are a popular option, but these agencies cannot give legal advice. If you run into any problems during the debt consolidation process, you won't have a legal advocate on your side. The bankruptcy process is complex and document-heavy. A bankruptcy attorney will know the details and nuances in the law that can complicate the process. When filing bankruptcy without an attorney, one mistake could completely throw the process off-track and expose the debtor to liability. A Florida bankruptcy attorney will know how to handle disputes with creditors and other problems that may arise. Get Debt Relief Help From an Attorney Who Cares. The Florida Bankruptcy Law Firms represent individuals throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties and surrounding areas in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Our Debt relief Attorneys help clients complete the bankruptcy process with dignity and respect. The attorneys you will speak with consider you a person — not a case number.

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Reasons it's Okay to File Bankruptcy

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Job Loss Bankruptcy

One of the many misconceptions regarding bankruptcy is that it is a haven for deadbeats who refuse to pay their carelessly incurred debt. While there are irresponsible people who find themselves in bankruptcy court, there are many good, hard working folks that face situations and circumstances that are beyond their control. Job loss Bankruptcy can bring new light to an otherwise horrible situation. We can help you during this time.

Stopping Foreclosure

A foreclosure notice does not necessarily mean you have to move out of your family home. Any actions to sell off your house can be countered with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. You do not have to pack or seek out new housing. Stay where you are and let our Florida Attorneys help you. By filing a Chapter 13 debt reorganization prior to a sheriff's sale, there is an opportunity to effectively and immediately stop foreclosure. The process provides us much needed time to negotiate with your lender. In economically challenging times, banks are often willing to work with you. They may have as much to lose as you do. We understand the financial and sentimental value of your family home. We understand the sense of fear you feel when that security is put at risk. Let one of our attorneys serve as your most dedicated and diligent advocate.

Medical Debt Relief

A major illness, sudden injury or disability results in many bankruptcies in Florida and throughout the United States due to medical debt. A thriving career with a lucrative salary can end in a split second after an accident or doctor's diagnosis. You never faced the problem of possible home foreclosure or car repossession. With the high cost of medical bills, even the most financially responsible are not immune to the need for bankruptcy protection.

Stop Car Repossession

Financial problems may have brought you to the brink of car repossession. Ironically, the loss of your vehicle could impact your ability to get to work and make a living. Our staff is ready and willing to take the necessary legal steps to keep your car through a bankruptcy filing. You do not have to lose your most valued assets when you file for bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy plan will be customized. The service we provide will be personalized. If you want to keep your car, we will take the steps to achieve that objective. Declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops all collection actions, including the possible loss of your car. It starts the process of negotiating a repayment plan with all of your creditors, specifically the bank that financed the purchase of your car. You can continue to operate your vehicle without the fear of a looming repossession.

Divorce Bankruptcy Options

Divorce and separation create not only emotional discord, but also financial chaos. One household becomes two. Expenses increase while household income is cut in half. Debts increase on a daily basis, leading to persistent creditor calls from an inability to pay. While you may feel ashamed over perceived personal and financial failures, you should not let that prevent you from seeing a Miami personal bankruptcy attorney and getting started now.

Protecting Retirement Assets

Misconceptions about bankruptcy often prevent South Florida residents from asserting their rights. One of the most common myths is that all your assets will be stripped from you the minute you file. This is not true. No one will show up at your home and remove your possessions. Most importantly, no one is going to seize your IRA or 401k. Rest assured that your 401k and IRA are likely safe and cannot be touched by a bankruptcy trustee. As an exempt asset, your 401k will not be included in a bankruptcy filing. Protecting your IRA is based on your age and the expenses you need to support your family. In most cases, that account is exempt as well and will not be turned over to your creditors. It is possible to keep your retirement assets intact following a bankruptcy filing. However, the longer you wait to start your filing the more risk you incur. Call Now.

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Bankruptcy Attorney in Florida: Find One Now

In this current difficult economy, individual bankruptcy is a far more attractive and practical option than previously. If you are considering a personal bankruptcy petition, finding a bankruptcy attorney can be an essential key to your success.

Within an uncertain economy, increasing numbers of people are considering processing for individual bankruptcy. With rising lack of employment rates, ever-increasing interest levels, and mounting personal debt, many people realize that filing for individual bankruptcy is their only choice. While it can be done to file by yourself, it is difficult to get around every one of the steps without help. That’s where a good individual bankruptcy legal professional comes in.

Attorneys focusing on individual bankruptcy proceedings are well-versed in every aspect of the paperwork, training seminars, and legal proceedings that regulations require. Often they can help you in acquiring all the paperwork the courts will demand you to provide. They are able to also help you in deciding which kind of individual bankruptcy is right for you, and any duty ramifications that will come from the proceedings.

Choosing a legal professional to take care of your circumstance can be overpowering, but it’s important to choose carefully rather than bottom out your decisions only on the attorney’s fees. It isn’t like choosing a Personal Injury Attorney South Carolina, this is a very specific task. Requesting relatives and buddies because of their advice, particularly if they have been through the procedure themselves, can point you towards reliable lawyers. Often, bankruptcy lawyers will give you a free consultation to go over your case. That is important because you can get a concept of what you would should do, as well as decide if you feel right doing it.

Choosing a legal professional to take care of your circumstance can be frustrating, but it’s important to choose carefully rather than bottom part your decisions only on the attorney’s fees. Requesting relatives and buddies because of their advice, particularly if they have been through the procedure themselves, can point you towards reliable lawyers. Often, bankruptcy lawyers will give you a free consultation to go over your case. That is important because you can get a concept of what you would should do, as well as decide in the event that you feel comfortable with that one law firm. You can ask questions about how precisely long they have been around in practice, just how many cases they have got displayed, their fees, and if indeed they believe they will let you. It’s important to keep in mind that the legal professional works with and then for you, not the other way around!

It’s also advisable to discuss your targeted goals with your attorney, ask how long the bankruptcy procedure should take, in case the legal professional will be managing the situation himself since some have a practice of allowing assistants or junior lawyers to handle the situation. Your legal professional should let you know immediately what steps you will need to take to start out the proceedings and show you through the complete process from start to end. You need to feel comfortable talking to your legal professional about any questions you have that will come up in the proceedings. It really is typically needed that you give your legal professional all your private information, and they can help you accumulate your creditor information.

Every part of the individual bankruptcy process make a difference your financial well-being, and you ought to be well- up to date by your legal professional of the actual effects of every decision. Your Florida legal professional can also show you through the procedure of posting your position, and notifying creditors to avoid all activities for collection pending your circumstance. Additionally, it is his job to work with you in ending up in your court-appointed trustee, and in working with any legal activities from creditors or their lawyers.

Filing for individual bankruptcy doesn’t have to be frustrating. A bankruptcy legal professional can assist you through the procedure from start to end, and reduce the tensions of the procedure. Oftentimes, he is able to also help you, following the proceedings has concluded, in getting the financial life back again on the right track. With just a little diligence, a great legal professional is available to help even the most challenging case.

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Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm Reviews
The staff that I was connected with was very knowledgeable, helpful, fast, & efficient. They were very pleasant & a pleasure to deal with. I have recommended this website to some friends of mine in the Florida area that may find themselves in the same situation. It' isn't an easy situation and I'm glad I made the call. Keep up the good work!
Earl C.

Earl C.

Fl Bankruptcy Client

Facing multiple lawsuits and feeling desperate, I had trouble even getting returned phone calls from the legal referrals I had. Luckily I found this website and wound up with a highly skilled and very responsive attorney. I had huge debts and thought my case was complicated. They assured me it was not, and from filing to discharge there was not so much as a hiccup. (They did NOT promise no hiccups -- no one can -- and in fact had me thoroughly prepared.) Not only did they know what they were doing, they appeared to be quite respected by the trustee I had. They were also very responsive to questions by email, which really really helps with the stresses of a bankruptcy. My case, in fact, could not have gone better. If you're reading this, you are in a place where no one wants to be. All I can say is do not be afraid of bankruptcy--we all spend too long in debt hell. And I don't think you can find better representation than the attorneys on this website. Good luck. Papa T.
Papa Tunde A.

Papa Tunde A.

Florida Bankruptcy Client

There is always so much concern when facing down the bills that are piling up on your desk. I hated going into that room and even got to a point that I cringed when the phone rang. It was one of the most horrible times in my life. Everything was going the wrong direction. I finally decided to try to find help. I came across this site and made the call. My attorney truly made me feel ok and let me know up front that although it wasn't an easy battle, it was one that would give me the fresh start and the relief I needed. It worked and I'm so glad I have that part of my life behind me now. Best call I ever made. I hope this helps. Thanks for all you did for me guys. ~Kim
Kim T.

Kim T.

Florida Bankruptcy Client

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